Archaeological research and restoration of Oponice castle

30th March 2022 - 5th July 2022

Special guarantors of the exhibition: doc. Mgr. Zuzana Borzová, PhD. and doc. Mgr. Dominik Repka, PhD.

The implementation of the mentioned exhibition is the first cooperative project between the Department of Archaeology UKF in Nitra and the Ponitrianske Museum in Nitra on the basis of the Memorandum of Cooperation signed by both institutions in February 2021. The aim of the exhibition is to popularize knowledge about the Oponice castle, the archeological research and its findings, the process of building and historical development of the castle, its everyday life and the process of restoration. You will be introduced to the latest information obtained within archeological research carried out by the Department of Archaeology, Charles University in Nitra during the period from 2015 up to 2020.

Castles have always been associated with wealth. Therefore, in archeological research, everyone expects that mysterious treasures will be found. However, other finds, such as gold, pearls and precious stones, are also important for archaeologists. This was also the case with the Oponice castle, which issued unique items from its bowels – coins, jewelery, warrior’s equipment parts, riding spears, massive hunting knives – fangs – bullet points from bows and crossbows, fittings, belt buckles and many others. A selected collection of these rare objects of cultural value, including pictorial and textual information, was for the first time officially presented at the exhibition inthe Museum in Zlaté Moravce and now in Nitra. It presents exhibits in the form of archaeological finds reflecting everyday life in the castle with an emphasis on a valuable set of tiles from tile stoves.

The exhibition will also include a series of lectures devoted to archeological research in the years 2015-2020, research of tiles from tile stoves found in the castle, restoration, construction and historical research of the castle.

The exhibition has been implemented by doc. Mgr. Zuzana Borzova, PhD., Doc. Mgr. Dominik Repka, PhD. and Mgr. Barbora Jančiová.

The partners of the exhibition are the Nitra Self-governing Region, the Department of Archaeology, Faculty of philosophy, University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra, Apponiana – the Oponice castle rescue association and Imrich Finta.


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      Archaeological research and restoration of Oponice castle

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