The first exhibition from the Castles in Nitra Region series will present the archaeological finds found at Oponice Castle. The exhibition is prepared in cooperation with the Department of Archaeology of the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra.

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The exhibition aims to raise the question of visitors in the 21st century - whether wildlife has a place alongside humans and whether they can live together in symbiosis. One of the aims of the exhibition is to point out that the biodiversity facing all the countries of the world is losing more and more rapidly.

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The exhibition Nitra in the mirror of the ages was established in 2005 and underwent several modifications, the last one was realized in 2015. The aim of the exhibition is to bring public a closer cultural and historical development of historic Nitra from prehistoric times of Great Moravian period.

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The Gems of Ancient Slovakia exposition is a selection of the rarest, historical and most valuable archaeological finds of incalculable value, yet it is only a fragment of material monuments documenting the diverse mosaic of life, abilities and fame of our ancestors.

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