Entry to exhibitions and expositions

Exhibition: 2,00 €
Discounted entry to one exhibition: 1,00 €

Exposition (longterm): 2,00 €
Discounted entry to one exposition: 1,00 €

Entry to all exhibitions and expositions: 3,00 €
Discounted entry to all exhibitions and expositions: 1,50 €

Entry for families with children (2 adults a 3 children): 5,00 €

Entry to accompanying events

Workshop: 1,00 € / person

Interactive event: 1,00 € / person

Lecture: 0,50 € / person

Discounted entra: the retired, children of kindergardens, primary schools, secondary schools and Universities, the holders of ISIC, ITIC, EURO – 26, Touristcard, the disabled.

Free entry: children up to 3 years old, seniors over 70 years old, pedagogical supervision (1 person for 15 pupils), dult supervision to workshop, pedagogical supervision to accompanying events, the holders of cards: Zväzu múzeí na Slovensku (Association of museums in Slovakia), Asociace muzeí a galerií ČR (Association of museums and galleries in Czech republic), ICOM, VIP entries of Ponitrianske múzeum v Nitre.

The fee for photographing and video making: 3,00 € / equipment

Photographing / video making for commercial purposes: the price wil be calculated on base of the fulfilled form Formulár žiadosti sent to

Štefánikova street 1 +421 37 651 00 00


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