Nitra Regional Museum | Ponitrianske múzeum v Nitre is a regionally focused museum, documenting the development of nature and society in the districts of Nitra, Zlaté Moravce and Šaľa in the fields of archaeology, ethnology, history, natural science and numismatics. It currently manages more than 83 000 collections from all these departments. The museum’s efforts in Nitra date back to the middle of the 19th century when professors and students of the Piarist grammar school began to collect first numismatic, then archaeological and historical objects. The official county museum was founded in 1896. The current museum is not a direct successor of the county museum, because it has ceased to exist since 1951. The current museum was founded by the Municipal National Committee in Nitra in December 1962 and placed in the building of the Great Seminary. Since 1900 it has been housed in the monumental Neo-Renaissance building of the town hall, built in 1880 according to the project of the Nitra builder Ján Lyka. In 1993 the museum, in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of the Slovak Republic in Nitra, prepared and opened the exposition of the jewel type Gems of Ancient Slovakia, where more than 2 200 rare archaeological finds are concentrated. Every year the museum prepares 15 – 20 exhibitions, several lectures, educational programmes, discussions, but also non-traditional activities such as workshops of handcrafts or folklore traditions etc. It also provides space for the activities of organizations, associations and individuals that are close to the focus and mission of the museum. Nitra Regional Museum manages two other branches – Museum in Zlaté Moravce and House of Folk living and Architecture in Šaľa.

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